Relocate Your Office

Do you really need to move your office?

  • Can you stay where you are for the next five years?
  • What are costs to stay?
  • Do you have flexibility in the same location?
  • What is the attitude of the current landlord
  • Is the current facility a good location?
  • Is the current building adequate and cost effective?
  • What are the costs of relocation and down time to the business vs. staying?

If a move is necessary, then:

Give yourself time; this process can be more time consuming than it has been in the past.

Companies must to keep functioning as the research, negotiating, construction and relocation take place. It is not uncommon to have the entire process take up to two years.  

Once you know whether or not staying in your current office is an option – then the following steps will provide market data to negotiate a relocation or a renewal as well as leverage on existing landlord.

Ten Steps To Relocate Your Office

  • Commercial agent with BOTH leasing and occupant type sales experience.
  • Define goals to accomplish
  • Do a Space Program
  • Define Locations
  • Define Initial Square Feet Needed and Growth
  • Make basic location and size decisions
  • Purchase or Lease
  • Set decision timeline prior to the end of your current lease relationship
  • Be aware of the holdover provisions and their costs in current lease
  • Determine the cash out of pocket budget
  • Estimate cost trends and Operating Expenses for the marketplace
  • Together with your agent review product options in market
  • Stay
  • Move & Lease
  • Move & Purchase.
  • Attorney
  • TI Contractor, if needed
  • (If a purchase) banker, CDC representative, appraiser
  • (With contingencies, if required)
  • Clear contingencies and final
  • Sign with all attachments included